Who We Are

Established in 2007, Panache Digilife Limited (Formerly known as Vardhaman Technology Ltd., earlier Vardhaman Technology Pvt. Ltd.) is a one stop IT Hardware hub, specialized in manufacturing, distribution and servicing of high quality products.

Since its inception in 2007 has been a Technical Service Provider, over the years we picked up expertise in procuring, manufacturing and marketing White Boxes. In June 2000, we have emerged to become one of the most respected and professional one stop computer system specialists.

In our journey , our robust research and development team working on hardware and software have developed and manufactured multiple revolutionizing products in the computer technology space. We always aimed to be a market leader in Hardware Manufacturing, Distribution and Servicing by providing world class quality Products & Services at the most competitive price with all-time support.

Panache Digilife has 5 divisions: PC division, Education division, Telematics division, AV division, Industrial design.

Our primary focus is to provide the most cost effective electronics manufacturing solutions available while adhering to the highest standards of service, delivery and quality. We have always strived to establish and develop a strong relationship with all our clients and collaborate with them to drill down on the best manufacturing solution.

Principles of our Work

  • Focus on customers: We will succeed only if we keep the customer foremost in mind and link the goals back to providing them with value. Our strategy must also add value addition to Panache Digilife products and services to fulfil our vision for social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Innovate: Business as usual across the board is not enough, if we have to succeed in delivering by the committed period. We must look at how and where we can push the envelope, through creativity and innovations, re-imagining what is best possible way working through tough and challenging environment that threatens to hold back the organization and the industry as a whole.
  • Scale globally: From managing a complex supply chain to understanding and appreciating the varied cultures, we must improve the vision through a global lens.
  • Be transparent and accountable: The quantified, time-bound goals have been set across as the corporate responsibility action plan resulting in better and more strategic and cohesive reporting which will contribute to improved performance and progress year after years to come.


Making Human Life Easy.


To be a market leader in ICT Manufacturing, Distribution and Services by providing world class quality Solutions at most competitive price with all-time best support 



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Join Our Team!

High targets & Higher Achievements

Your  career graph needs to reflect a positive growth as you move ahead  professionally. Whether you are at the start or middle of your career, Panache Digilife provides a conducive and stimulating environment to drive your  professional prospects forward.

Working at Panache Digilife

At Panache Digilife, we provide our employees an environment of challenging opportunities  that draw on their talents. A professional and collaborative environment  further contributes to the growth of intellectual capital in such an informal  atmosphere. Here, you will play a critical role in delivering products that  help businesses perform. You will be exposed to domain, regional and technology  challenges, adding to an all-round career experience.

Growing Leaders

Our  belief in identifying and fostering leadership talent has led us to where we  are today. That’s why we make lifetime learning and career development an  essential part of our corporate goals. Our strong culture of learning and  growing nurtures talent into producing better products for our clients

If you  share our vision and would like to be part of our journey please apply now.

Send your CV to info@panachedigilife.com