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Smart Compute Devices

Panache’s smart compute devices are IoT enabled devices which can form the medium of communication between Cloud and the Data. We have been focusing on designing devices which are smart and innovative and also help us work towards saving energy and carbon footprint by being low powered and small in size.

We have a gamut of products ranging in Compute with different form factors including ultra-small computing devices include Air PC; a small compact compute box Squair PC, Cloud compute range Clair PC, Touch and Non-Touch based All In ones Flair PC, and a range of Tablets & Laptops as well.


Retail IOT

Our IoT enabled Panache POS devices are designed to meet the needs of standalone to networked POS users. Our Integrated and Stand-Alone POS Terminals come with Capacitive Touch, Non-Touch screens and Wide Range of Compute Options, Complete Range of POS Peripherals, designed with Fanless & Energy Saving Architecture and Toughened Glass & Rugged Design. Panache also offers Kiosk based solution of Visitor Management System for various sectors including BFSI, Retail, Hospitality and others.


Smart Tracking & Asset Management

Panache offers Asset Tracking solutions and analytics services. Panache’s Asset tracking offers a unique set of solutions with technologies including BLE, RFID, Barcodes, NFC, GPS & GPRS asset tracking are designed to provide tracking, execution, management and monitoring of movable assets remotely



IPC products are industrial product which are the most trending in Automation Industries. These IPC products have some additional features and are of advance technology designed for business use.

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Healthy Living Solutions

With the aim to provide some innovative and effective solution to provide healthy water to people we are getting into the business of Water. We aim to provide water which is not only rich in required minerals but has lot more benefits to offer. The product will revolutionize the way people perceive drinking water. We are adding an IoT ready smart metering solution to water to monitor water consumption patterns remotely. The IoT design is ready to go-to market and will be launched soon.


Pen Display Solution

A complete electronic signature solution which includes hardware and software. A 10-point touch enabled HDMI / VGA based Pen Display connected with Desktop / All In One. Teacher can annotate presentations, images real-time during teaching. Writing Pad Solution with Cloud storage that allows to write on any paper and capture it on Cloud.



Panache’s Education Solution provides smart education solution for classroom learning and teaching. We also have interactive tools to help teachers for new and innovative teaching ways and also make classroom interesting and interactive for students.


An Interactive Solution for Business & Education

Panache’s Interactive White Board Solution offers, Interactive Displays along with Panache Squair PC for ease of compute over the Interactive Panel.


Interactive Training with All In One

Panache’s Interactive Training Solution offers an Interactive way to learn and train the students. The solution comprises of one interactive flat panel with Panache’s customized Operating System along with All In One’s which can enable the participants to be remotely connected to main board and interact. The solution can further be enhanced with Feedback and Quiz options as well.


Retail - Point of Sale Solution

Panache’s Retail Point of Sale solution offers a complete range of both discrete as well as integrated POS Solutions catering to all type of retail business including accessories.


Customer Centric Kiosk Solution

Panache’s offers a wide range of interactive and smart compute solutions designed specially for high performance Kiosk environment.


Queue Management Solution

Panache’s Queue Management Solution is a complete branch of automation system that dynamically manages customer queues in real-time