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Panache Display Division is division of Panache Digilife Limited. is founded in Mumbai, India. 

Panache Display Division was established in Oct 2015. The division was launched to leverage the strength of the companies IT know how into the Consumer LED TV and Commercial Signage Display and AV solutions. The Consumer LED TV Business is ever increasing with the average buying capacity of the Indian Consumer increasing multifold.

With the Launch of the Panache EL Series we have targeted the Value for Money Buyer.  The soon to be launched SL series intends to target the ever-growing population of the Smart Urban Consumer. The series is a premium range and has inbuilt Android OS with Smart User functions of WEB Browsing, YouTube, Facebook for the GENNEXT Consumer whose population is growing not only in Urban India but also in the Tier 2 & 3 cities of India.

Panache Consumer Display Range is targeted for the enormous Signage Display demand that has been generated due to the implementations of the Smart City Projects, Airport Privatization Projects and a whole lot of other Infrastructure projects coming up in the country. We have an end to end offering for the signage requirements for these projects. The division is capable of taking up any AV and Signage Project of any dimension. We are capable to deliver Video Walls for various applications like Signage, NOC, Security and Surveillance, Room Ambiance.

LED/LCD projectors, so far is a thing talked of only in office conference rooms and a very elite group of home users. Panache Display Division intends to make this technology more affordable to the consumer and capture the market in this category. We intend to make the projector every home product in the near future.

Standard range of LED televisions with Inbuilt media player available in 61cm(24), 80cm(31.5), 98cm(38.5), 101cm(40), 139cm(55). The product is Lit by a Direct LED array which ensures uniform brightness across the screen. The product is very narrow frame and gives a very classy look to the room décor.

Smart LED TV with the most advanced processor and an inbuilt Android system for the Next generation consumer who want to surf the net, watch YouTube, chat, Skype etc. on the Device. The sizes available are 106cm(42) and 139cm(55).

Professional LED Displays suitable for the Commercial Purpose. The series has a communication port (RS232) so that the display parameters can be remotely managed. It can be switched on & Off Remotely from the control station. The series has high brightness starting from 450 cd/m2 and is designed for a 24/7 operation. They are most suitable in Signage application in public places. Sizes: 80cm(32), 106cm(42) & 139cm(55)

The VW series is a 139cm(55) Video Wall LED display with ultra-narrow bezel with a combined bezel width of 3.5mm. The display is available with 500cd/m2 and 800cd/m2. We can optionally also provide various types of video wall controllers and also give the service of custom design and erecting of the video wall for a givin application.